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  1. Is the Core/Booster used for the bed and the price is $1000. ?

    1. All of our Sleep Pads are for use underneath your mattress where you sleep. They are used every night while sleep, with no need to do anything different. The price for a Single size, Core Pad is $1000 but if you have a bigger bed (double, queen, king, etc) they do increase in price.

  2. How far from my body should the sleep pad be when I install it on my bed. My bed has two metal support bars at the bottom of it. Does this effect the benefits of the sleep pad. I have it under my mattress right now.

    1. It’s important to have at least have a 4 inch mattress between you and the Sleep Pad. This takes into consideration that it will sink a bit of course, but if you’re concerned that maybe the material is too soft you may want 5 inches.

      Those metal support bars won’t have an impact on the Sleep Pad’s performance. Metal bed frames and even metal spring coil mattresses are just fine to use.

  3. I sleep on a 3.9″ (no joke – lol) natural latex pad. Can I still use this pad? What product would you suggest for that? Thank you!

    1. 3.9″ should be sufficient. In terms of which pad to get, that depends on your situation. Check out our “Help Me Choose” page to get a rough idea what will work best for you. Ideally if you can afford it, the Super Sleep System has the most to offer anyone. But if the price is too high for you, I would suggest getting a Booster (there is some extra foam between the magnets and the mattress, effectively adding to your distance from the pad).

  4. Can I use it with a futon?

    1. You may use any bed type, including a futon, as long as it is at least 4 inches thick.

      And just as a caution, as futons can sometimes be used for this, it is important to never fold the Magnetico Sleep Pad in order to avoid damaging the magnets.

  5. Hi. I have a Queen bed, but I really only sleep on one side. If I got a twin pad to put right under the side of the bed I sleep on, could that work?

    1. We don’t recommend this as it’s important to avoid being in the return magnetic field that exists around all sides of the pad. If you happened to move into the uncovered are while you were sleeping, even just a hand or foot, it could undo all the benefits the Sleep Pad can provide.

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