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Magnetic Therapy Mattress | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I feel the benefits of the Magnetico Sleep Pad?

Because every person and their situation is different, it is impossible to predict when you will feel a difference. Some lucky people feel benefits the first night, for others it may take 6 months. The average is about 1-2 months. The important thing to remember is that some benefits, such as increased immunity, increased oxygen saturation, and lowered blood pressure, may be taking place, even though you can’t feel them. However, to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, the Magnetic Sleep Pad comes with the Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee.

Does the Magnetico Sleep Pad have to be the same size as my bed?

If two people use the bed – yes. If only one person has a pad under them, the person sleeping beside them will be exposed to the return possitive magnetic field that comes off the side of the pad. They could be adversely affected by this field if they sleep there over a long period of time.

Can I use single magnets or appliances during the day?

Yes, it is sometimes advisable to place magnets on injured areas of the body; however, do not use them while on the sleep pad as the magnet’s field will conflict with the field produced by the pad. Use of the Sleep Pad will actually enhance the body’s response to daytime use of an applied magnet.

Can a person who has surgically implanted screws, hip replacements or other metal implants, use the Sleep Pad?

Yes, it is a medical requirement that all metal implants are non-magnetic in nature.

Is it possible for me to get too much of a Negative(-) field?

In our research, we have experimented using pure Negative(-) fields a thousand times more powerful than the sleep pad for extended amounts of time. In all cases, we have found only an enhancement of benefits, with no negative side effects.


Does the field affect other electrical items in the room; e.g. clock radios, televisions, stereos etc.?

~ Clock radios, alarm clocks and stereos will not be affected.

~ Watches may lose time if worn to bed.

~ LCD or plasma televisions and monitors will not be affected.

~ Conventional (CRT) televisions and monitors – the screen colour may be altered depending on the model of Sleep Pad and distance away from your bed. Be advised that with the Super Sleep System, TVs located in a room directly below your bed area may be affected, especially if they are housed in a tall entertainment unit.

~ Computers – we recommend that you keep your computers two feet away from sides and ends of the Core Model, and three feet away from the Super System. Some customers have used their laptops in bed with no ill effects, but do so at your own risk.


Note: Our Sleep Pad’s steady state magnetic field is beneficial in that it buffers you from the effects of the pulsed electromagnetic fields in these and other electrical items, which can fatigue your body cells over time.

Can I use an electric blanket with the magnetic bed?

It is not recommended. The frequency produced by the electric blanket (or heating pad) may interfere with the restoring nightime process of resonance in the body. Many people find they no longer need their electric blanket because their metabolism has increased when sleeping on the Magnetico sleep pad.

Is it okay for my children to be on my bed?

It’s perfectly safe for children, in fact many have their own pads. The field is even gentle enough for premature babies. Many parents have found it greatly helps with children’s sleep patterns and can help calm hyperactivity. Growing pains are often relieved.

How about pets who like to sleep beside or on the bed?

Animals are more sensitive to magnetism than humans. They will probably not stay in the positive field beside your bed for long, since it is not their natural environmental polarity. However, cats in particular may take a liking to sleeping on your bed with a Negative(-) field mattress under them. Our customers report that the pets who sleep with them are benefitting as much as their owners!

Will I experience any side effects?

There are absolutely no harmful side effects. You may experience some temporary detoxification symptoms, however, which is good and indicates that your body is working at a more optimum level. Please read our Detoxification section for more information.

Can a person with an implanted electrical device, such as a pacemaker, pain pump, insulin pump or defibrillator use the Magnetico Sleep Pad?

NO. The strong magnetic field interferes with the function of these devices.


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hello! Is this safe for pregnant women to use as well?

    1. Hello Jane,
      This is an excellent question! Dr. Bonlie provided this helpful answer, and we will be adding this question to our regular FAQ soon.

      The pad is safe to use for the majority of circumstances regarding pregnancy. We do have two recommendations based on the fact that our pads do have the normal benefit of assisting customers with detoxification, particularly when they start using it:
      1. Unless you have been using the pad for 3 months or more already, it isn’t suggested that you first start using the pad during the first trimester.
      2. Using the pad and completing the initial detox period (the above mentioned 3 months is sufficient) can provide a healthier environment for the pregnancy.

      Thanks again for asking!

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