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Below each model are some guidelines to help you decide which strength of Sleep Pad will provide the desired result for your needs. Please note the recommended mattress thicknesses.

Classic Sleep Pad

We recommend the Classic Sleep Pad for:

  • Healthy children (from infancy to the early teen years)
  • Healthy young adults
  • Individuals with extreme sensitivities
  • Maintaining good health

The Classic Sleep Pad is most effective when used with a mattress that is between 4” and 8” thick.

Core/Booster Pad

We recommend the Core Sleep Pad for:

  • Individuals aged 40 or more
  • Busy, active teens who are under stress, play sports, or study
  • Individuals who have physically demanding careers
  • Athletes who desire improved performance and recovery times
  • Individuals who suffer from high stress
  • Easing arthritic pain
  • Individuals with health deficiencies
  • Increasing sleep quality and energy
  • Anti-aging
  • Prevention

The Core Sleep Pad is suitable for use with a mattress that is between 8” and 14” thick.

Super Sleep System

We recommend the Super Sleep Pad for:

  • Individuals aged 55 or more
  • Individuals with particularly challenging health problems
  • All of the circumstances listed above
  • Anyone who wants the best magnetic product available

The Super Sleep Pad System is necessary if your mattress is more than 14” thick, but it can be used with any thickness of mattress.

WARNING: Persons with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker, pain pump, defibrillator or insulin pump cannot use the Magnetico Sleep Pad, as the magnetic field could interfere with the function of the device.

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