Bio Magnetic Theory — Pt. I

Why do you need magnetism?

Science has established beyond all doubt that all living cells are electromagnetic by nature. There are only two natural sources of magnetism available to you: your brain and the Earth. Eighty percent of the human brain is composed of Astrocyte cells. These cells have the capacity to generate electricity and produce a pulsed, electro-magnetic field with efficiency. The Earth is your other source of magnetism. It provides a supportive, steady state, magnetic field, which your body draws on to enhance molecular reactions. These two magnetic fields work together to accomplish magnetic resonance, which dramatically enhances the chemical reactions of the body. 4

Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic resonance occurs when the brain’s pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of various tissues and organs. 4 This is accomplished in 90-100 minute cycles, mostly while we sleep. Resonance will usually maintain a given frequency for a few seconds up to a few minutes. This range depends on the urgency and degree of repair or restoration needed. Magnetic resonance is desirable because it helps repair damage done to cells, makes enzymes, and enhances immunity. 4,5



Why do we need to augment naturally occurring magnetism?

There are two major factors adversely affecting magnetic resonance.

First, a gradual cyclic decline in our geomagnetic field has left the atoms of our bodies in a lower energy state, making it more difficult for magnetic resonance to occur. 6 It is estimated that we have lost 70-80% of our magnetic field in the last 4000 years. 7,8,9,10

Second, in this technological age, the outside electromagnetic frequencies your body is exposed to are higher and stronger than ever before. As a result, these frequencies override the vital brain function of magnetic resonance with your organs and tissues. 11 This interference leaves you in a fatigued state that, over an extended period, can contribute to the development of chronic ailments. This development is due, in part, to a lack of restorative resonance. 11

How can you restore the magnetic field your body needs?

These deficiency states can be overcome by exposing your body to an enhanced steady state, magnetic field (much like the Earth’s) during sleep. In North America, the magnetic field must be pure negative and completely pass through the body in order to complement the negative field of the Northern Hemisphere. 11 By using our patented Magnetico Sleep Pad, you ensure your body will receive the right direction of magnetic energy, which is essential for organ and tissue restorati

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