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I just wanted to share my personal story of how our Magnetico Sleep Pad has enabled me to recover from debilitating arthritic back pain, which I had suffered from since my teen years. I have to say that initially, it was more curiosity than knowledge that enticed me to study magnetism and its effects on the human body. I observed temporary results from smaller magnets and incorrectly designed magnetic mattress pads. When I learned of the depletion of our environmental magnetic field, it seemed that that would be a logical place to begin to experiment. Thus began the very first Sleep Pad designed to correctly provide a unified negative field. It provided a relief for me that nothing else had achieved. I rely on it for continued health, energy, flexibility, and function. I decided to further refine the design for other family members and friends. Soon, increasing numbers of people with similar chronic complaints heard of my results and were asking for Sleep Pads to alleviate their own aches and pains!

Based on the results I was seeing, I patented my design and formed Magnetico Inc. in 1991. I began to manufacture and market this innovative product, but I also pursued ongoing research. Magnetico has been operating as a successful family business ever since.

My desire and purpose is to help you achieve your health goals. At Magnetico, we believe in our product so much that we offer a Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee. You will see noticeable improvements in your sleep and health.

We have gained a lot of experience and knowledge through the years, so if you call with any questions, we will be happy and able to assist you.


About Dr. Dean Bonlie, The Inventor

Dean Bonlie D.D.S., graduated with honors from Loma Linda University in 1962. Since then, his occupational journey has been varied and colourful. During the last seventeen years he has found his real fulfillment in the study of magnetism as it relates to health. He has devoted all his energy and focus in this arena. His scientific theory on the effect of magnetism on living tissue has made him a widely accepted authority in this field. He is now recognized as an expert researcher, inventor, consultant, and lecturer on biomagnetism. In the past, Dr. Bonlie has been the President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy (NAAMT). He has taught courses in magnetic treatment for the Integrative Medicine post-doctoral degree offered by Capital University in Washington, DC. He also developed a course in magnetic therapy for the International College of Naturopathy in California. Dr. Bonlie regularly lectures at medical conferences and has given many radio and television interviews.

The basis of Dr. Bonlie’s theory is that our only source of magnetism is from the Earth, but now that this source is so drastically depleted, it appears to have a distinct impact on health. Initially, his research led to the design and production of the Magnetico Sleep Pad. This form of magnetic supplementation is the only way to correctly restore the Earth-type magnetic field.

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    Do you have a newsletter you send out. Thanks/

  2. Debby

    Are there lab tests that demonstrate the presence of biological changes that occur due to chronic exposure to 30-100 millgauss magnetic fields associated with power lines beneath the floor of an apartment? And that could also demonstrate then the benefits of using the Magnetico pad to counteract the effects of such exposure?

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