Who should use Magnetico Sleep Pads? Everyone – from infants to seniors!


  • Athletes
  • Individuals under high stress.
  • Individuals doing heavy physical work.
  • Individuals experiencing multiple health problems.
  • Individuals with chronic, low energy problems.
  • Pre- and post-surgical patients
  • Infants
  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Environmentally concerned individuals.

Why use a Magnetico Sleep Pad?

Energy is the currency of life. Your of sources of energy are: your brain, food, and the Earth’s magnetic field. The problem is — the Earth’s field is severely depleted – it has been reduced to one half of a gauss. Restoring this geomagnetic field is as important to your health and vitality as the quality of the air, water, and food that you consume. It is important that your body receives an adequate supply of this vital energy source while you sleep.

Sleep is not just about putting your feet up and nodding off. It is the vital time in which your brain cycles through all the various frequencies (or harmonics of frequencies) in the tissues of your body, matching them briefly by means of an ongoing process called “magnetic resonance”. One sweep through all body tissues constitutes a sleep cycle, partially restoring the charge on your fatigued cells from your daily mental and physical activities. After all the sleep cycles are completed, your body is re-energized and ready to face the coming day. Many of our clients report waking up earlier and feeling better with less sleep since investing in the Magnetico Sleep Pad.

You may be wondering if “resonance” still occurs without a Magnetico Sleep Pad. It does, but it takes significantly longer and is does not occur at the same level. If you were to enhance our depleted natural magnetic field produced by the Earth by ten, 20, or even 40 times, you could expect an improvement in body function and in your reserves of vitality and immunity. You would also make gradual gains with chronic ailments. Think of the Magnetico Sleep Pad as a more powerful engine in your car. It gets you up hills faster and with less wear and tear!

The Magnetico Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee is in place to encourage you to try our Magnetic Sleep Pad, for yourself or for your family. We have been helping people since 1990, this is not a new gimmick, but a tried and tested product. It is a one-time investment, this “under- the-mattress” product never loses its charge, it keeps going and going and going!

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  1. how much does it cost??

  2. Will it work under a Tempurpedic mattress?

    1. Yes, our Sleep Pads will work under a Tempurpedic mattress, as well as pretty much all mattresses.

  3. I just found out about this product so I want to know more, the cost, etc. etc. I am interested as I have problems sleeping, relaxing, fibromalgia, etc.

    1. You can see the pricing of all the different models of our Sleep Pad on our Store Page, which can even give you a shipping quote without any payment information. Simply pick your size of bed and you can easily see the price.

      If you’ve gone through the website (which has the majority of the information on our product and how it works) and would like some more information, we can be reached by email at info@magneticosleep.com or by phone at 1-800-265-1119.

  4. My bed has a frame and a mattress. The frame has metal slats for support. Will the metal interfere or impact the magnetic pads in any way?

    1. Metal bed frames and mattresses with metal (such as coils) in them are not a concern. The magnetic field is unaffected by these, and will function normally.

      Make sure the slats aren’t too far apart if placing the Sleep Pad directly on the slats. The Sleep Pads are flexible and heavy, and if they sag down it could damage them.

  5. I am an environmental physician and work with Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas. I have had electromagnetic sensitivity due to mercury and heavy metal toxicity. I currently use a grounding sheet by earthing.com. Is there a way to try the pad for a certain period? I have tried many modalities and some are too much for my system and others have been extremely helpful. Is the pad something that sensitive people use for certain period and “build up” time on it?

    1. We couldn’t tell for sure; some customers who report being EM sensitive have reported great results, while others weren’t able to use the pad. But, all of our pads come with a 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee!

  6. Is it better to use a thinner mattress for a stronger magnetic field?

    Thank You

    1. A thinner mattress does provide a somewhat higher strength magnetic field. However, you must use a mattress at least 4 inches thick.

  7. Can I sleep directly on top of the Magnetico Sleep System or use a simple Japanese futon?

    1. All of our pads require you to have 4 inches separating you from the Sleep Pad. While typically a mattress does this, anything else you want to use can work too. But it is essential that you be separated from the pad, this page shows why.

  8. Read info about removing pads for 4-5 weeks to replenish energy We vacation to warm weather 2.5 months per year. Can I use pads the other months without a break? How does one know it’s time to remove them? Symptoms?

    1. From the FAQ:

      In our research, we have experimented using pure Negative(-) fields a thousand times more powerful than the sleep pad for extended amounts of time. In all cases, we have found only an enhancement of benefits, with no negative side effects.

  9. Can pregnant women sleep on the pad?

    1. A women who has been using the Sleep Pad for at least 3 months may continue using the Sleep Pad through pregnancy. However it is not recommended to start using the Sleep Pad while already pregnant as the Sleep Pad helps you detox and this isn’t ideal for the situation.

  10. I have a HealthLine Tao PEMF InfraMat as well as an Ultimate Longevity grounding mat on my bed.
    Would your mat be redundant or conflict with either of these ?
    Thanks for your answer.

    1. You should not use any grounding/PEMF/other magnetic devices with the Magnetico Sleep Pad as they will expose you to a bipolar magnetic field and interfere with the benefits of the Sleep Pad.

  11. I wish you would somehow develop an office products. Perhaps a magnetic pad overlaid by a cushion. I do realize though that the positive field will still somehow need to be contained though.

    1. It is impossible for a magnetic product to provide the benefits of a uni-polar magnetic field unless it A) is big enough to cover your whole body and B) is at least 4 inches away from you. Fortunately, the benefits of the Sleep Pad last all through the day.

  12. I sleep on a Biomat. Will that have any effect on the Magnetico sleep pad?

    1. The biomat will not impact the Magnetico Sleep Pad, however it will expose you to a bipolar magnetic field which interferes with the benefits and the purpose of the Sleep Pad in the first place. To obtain the best results from the Magnetico Sleep Pad no other devices should be placed between you and the Sleep Pad (this may include other magnetic devices, electric devices, or grounding devices).

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