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Below each model are some guidelines to help you decide which strength of Sleep Pad will provide the desired result for your needs. Please note the recommended mattress thicknesses.

Classic Sleep Pad

We recommend the Classic Sleep Pad for:

  • Healthy children (from infancy to the early teen years)
  • Healthy young adults
  • Individuals with extreme sensitivities
  • Maintaining good health

The Classic Sleep Pad is most effective when used with a mattress that is between 4” and 8” thick.

Core/Booster Pad

We recommend the Core Sleep Pad for:

  • Individuals aged 40 or more
  • Busy, active teens who are under stress, play sports, or study
  • Individuals who have physically demanding careers
  • Athletes who desire improved performance and recovery times
  • Individuals who suffer from high stress
  • Easing arthritic pain
  • Individuals with health deficiencies
  • Increasing sleep quality and energy
  • Anti-aging
  • Prevention

The Core Sleep Pad is suitable for use with a mattress that is between 8” and 14” thick.

Super Sleep System

We recommend the Super Sleep Pad for:

  • Individuals aged 55 or more
  • Individuals with particularly challenging health problems
  • All of the circumstances listed above
  • Anyone who wants the best magnetic product available

The Super Sleep Pad System is necessary if your mattress is more than 14” thick, but it can be used with any thickness of mattress.

WARNING: Persons with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker, pain pump, defibrillator or insulin pump cannot use the Magnetico Sleep Pad, as the magnetic field could interfere with the function of the device.

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  1. Greg bright

    Hi, I’m looking at magnetic mattress and i live in australia

    1. Joan Yarema

      That’s great! We ship all over the world using UPS. For those living in the Southern Hemisphere we make your pads to order as the earth’s magnetic field is the opposite, so we must place all the magnets facing the other way.

  2. Karen

    Is there any danger/toxicity to a pet that sleeps under the bed with a megnetico pad?

    1. Joan Yarema

      Pets are typically more sensitive to magnetic fields than humans, and many of our customers report their pets change where they sleep if it’s not the correct field. Even then, it’s not dangerous/toxic; the effect is more akin to drinking a caffeinated beverage and how it places one’s body into a state of high activity. This means in the short term you might feel awake and have increased blood flow, and the long term effects may be sore muscles and exhaustion.

  3. Suzanne Marie Kress

    How do I know which mat to purchase for my needs?

  4. Kris

    I read on the Amazon site for this product that it is important to select a size that is long enough for the entire body.. i.e. that the body is not on any part of the mattress that does not have the magnetico pad underneath it. It didn’t provide any other explanation. Can you please elaborate on that?

    1. Joan Yarema

      There is a return magnetic field that exists around all edge of the pad that is the opposite of the magnetic field that the Sleep Pad is designed to give you while you sleep. If the pad is too small, you could be exposed to this magnetic field, undoing all the benefits the Sleep Pad can provide. To learn more, check out our page on the Bi-Polar Theory (link here).

  5. Mike

    Do you offer any type of financing

    1. Joan Yarema

      We offer a 6 month payment plan, which can be automatically set up if you choose paypal to pay in our store.

  6. Caroline Arlen

    I have a divided, electronically adjustable king bed with massage functions.

    Will magnetico pads work? Which one would work best?

    1. Joan Yarema

      Yes a king size pad is split down the middle so it will function. The strongest Sleep Pad is the Super Sleep System. We caution though that with adjustable beds that the Sleep Pad may shift underneath the mattress if you adjust your bed frequently or use extreme angles. You may need to check it occasionally to ensure it is not folding on itself as this can damage the Sleep Pad.


    I have a sleep number bed . Does the magnetic pad go on top?

    1. Joan Yarema

      In order for our Sleep Pad to work, it must be underneath a mattress at least 4 inches thick.

  8. Carol

    If I buy the king size core pad and in time go to a smaller bed, can I stack two core pads to get the 20 gauss strength, so yeah can you stack two core, or I guess two booster?

    1. Joan Yarema

      You can stack them, but it will not measure 20g due to inefficiencies. A Core and a Booster is required for 20g, as they are different pads. Two Core pads would only measure about 15g (on an 8 inch mattress).

  9. Sonya Gauthier

    Will Medicare cover the cost of the pads?

    1. Joan Yarema

      The Magnetico Sleep Pad is not a medical device (if that is pertinent) and so you will need to contact medicare and deal with them directly if they will cover it.

  10. Vanessa Stiver

    Which sleep pad is best for detoxing?

    1. Joan Yarema

      The Super Sleep System provides the highest strength of magnetic field, and therefore is most effective at helping you detox.

  11. Kelly

    What is the maximum thickness of mattress that the super system can get through? Will it work with the foam mattresses?

    1. Joan Yarema

      The magnetic field goes up about 6 feet off the pad! The type of material has zero impact, nothing really stops magnetic fields other than other magnetic fields.

  12. Sebastian

    My children sleep on twin XL mattresses. These are as wide as the single magnetico, but their mattress is about six inches longer. How should the magnetico be positioned? Is it better to have the head or the feet on the magnetico? Will this warp the mattress?

    1. Joan Yarema

      The pad should be centered closest to where they sleep. You want it so the body (including hands and feet) is directly above the pad the whole night. I do not know if it will warp your mattress – if you think it will perhaps you could place something in the gap.

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