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  1. can the pad be used on an adjustable bed?

    1. Yes, they work just fine with an adjustable bed.

  2. If I get a smaller pad for my bed (currently on a double) and I buy a queen mattress, would the smaller pad still be okay if extremities hang off the edges and so forth?

    1. When two people are sleeping in the same bed you must purchase a pad that fits the bed. We offer “strips” that you can purchase that you can place beside your current pads to do this when upgrading bed sizes.

      When one person is using the bed, we still recommend getting the same size pad as the bed, but if the customer can’t afford it, we don’t suggest getting a Sleep Pad that is more than 1 size smaller (ex. double pad under a queen, queen pad under a king).

      Exposing yourself to the return positive (+) magnetic field that exists around the edges of the pad for extended periods can cause discomfort, restlessness, poor sleep, sore muscles, and can interfere with the benefits of sleeping on the pad in the first place. This means it should be avoided when possible by making sure the entire bed is covered, as we’ve designed the pads to cover the entire sleeping area when used with the correct size of mattress.

  3. I have Craftmatic Adjustable California King Split. That means it is like two extra long twins put together. Your twin is small for the split twin. How do you compensate for the size difference? Place yours as centered as possible. Buy your California King and cut it in half.

    How do I make it work?

    1. You’ll be happy to know that pad sizes Double, Queen, King, and Cal-King are all manufactured as separate pieces split down the middle (from top to bottom). So the pieces will be able to move independently, without the need to order odd sizes or custom pads.

  4. can the magnetico be used in conjunction with a grounding sheet over the top mattress?

    1. Using a grounding sheet may interfere with the proper function of the Sleep Pad, and we suggest you do not use them together.

  5. Hi there. Please cold you ask Dr Bonlie to address the subject of in home EMF’s and the effect that sleeping on a pad has on the body at night while on the pad? Specifically if the negative fields are able to mitigate any of the damage cause by EMF’s generated by devices wiring or wifi? I imaging that some of it may be but was looking for a more conclusive answer. Also does a stronger pad provide more protection if this is the case? Thank you, Kendra

    1. Even though the Magnetico Sleep Pads weren’t initially designed with this feature in mind, the nature of electricity and magnetism mean that they are directly connected and as such are affected by each other. The static magnetic field created by the Sleep Pad does reflect many of the EMF’s created by home electronics.

      If you’re interested to see Dr. Bonlie talk more on the subject, he gave an hour long lecture in Toronto this year which can be watched here.

  6. Hi, can those with other types of metal in the body (titanium clip in the breast after surgery) use the magnetico? Thanks!

  7. Will the Gauss strength of the Magnetico magnets fade or grow weaker over time?

    1. While it’s impossible to prevent from ever losing some magnetic strength over time (even in ideal conditions) the amount that is lost naturally is small! Dr. Bonlie I believe has said that over 40 years a pad will only lose less than 5% of it’s strength, so your pad will be strong for a very long time.

      Just a reminder that it’s important to avoid ever folding your Sleep pads, or rolling them incorrectly to avoid damaging the magnets. Following the instructions provided, and the labels on the pads, will ensure no harm comes to your product.

  8. Hi there – a few quick questions, please.
    1. How does distance from the pad effect it’s function? For example, will there be a different effect if I place my thin futon mattress over the pad, instead of a standard spring mattress?
    2. Do the springs inside a mattress effect the magnetic field?
    3. If there is concern about the size of the pad and positive return fields escaping at the sides of the pad if you’re using one that is too small – would separating larger pads into two separate pieces have a similar effect?

    1. Hello Jessica,

      1. While it’s required to have a minimum of 4 inches of mattress (or other material) between you and the Sleep pad, as you get farther away the magnetic field will get weaker. All gauss measurements we’ve provided on our website note that those magnetic strengths are based on an 8 inch mattress.
      2. Metal springs in a mattress will have no impact on the function of the Magnetico Sleep Pad. A metal bed frame is also OK.
      3. We always insist that you only use a Sleep pad that matches the same size as the bed in order to avoid exposing the body to the return magnetic field.

      Hope this clears everything up for you!

      1. Thanks for your response, Joan. Just one more question before I order. I’m planning to get a queen size Core pad. I see it comes in two pieces. Should my needs change, is it possible to use the two pads separately on single beds or can they be stacked to make one single size 20 gauss pad?

        1. We would not recommend doing this as the separate pieces are only 30″ wide compared to a single bed which is 39″. The main concern is that if you sleep over the edge of the pad, you will be exposed to the return positive (+) field that can prevent the user from achieving all the benefits the Sleep Pad offers.

  9. Hi, I heard that the Sleep Pads enhance the magnetic field of the earth, does this mean I have to sleep closer to the ground, I’m asking because I live in a high rise on the 10th floor, will the Sleep Pads still be beneficial to me.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Saad,
      You are not required to sleep closer to the ground for several reasons:
      1. Our Sleep Pads generate their own magnetic field that is up to 40 times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field
      2. The Earth’s magnetic field travels very high (into outer space) and is what protects us from deadly radiation and solar wind, so it’s quite difficult to not be in the Earth’s field!
      Hope this answers your question!

  10. Do you have a satifaction guarentee warrenty? I cannot find any on your site.

    1. We sure do! Our 6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee can be found here:

  11. Would it be okay to purchase a queen pad for a double frame?…I just want to invest in a pad that will work with more bed options…

    1. While this would be just fine functionally and would work, there is two concerns to take note of. First, aesthetically you would have the pad sticking out around your whole bed. Second, if you left it like this hanging down all the sides of your bed for a long time, the weight of the magnets pulling down may damage the foam where it’s being bent.

      If possible and if you’re looking to save money, it’s probably best to confirm what bed size you’ll want this for first even if it takes some time. Our Sleep Pads don’t need replacing, whereas many mattresses eventually do.

  12. Which type of magnets do you use in the Magnetico Sleeppads and what is the gauss of the magnets on the surface?

    1. We use ceramic magnets in all our Sleep Pads (similar to those flexible fridge magnets, but much stronger!). On the surface of the magnets themselves, they are rated for 1100 gauss.

  13. Hello
    Do you have a supplier in the UK….thankyou

    1. All Magnetico Sleep Pads are manufactured and shipped from our headquarters in the USA directly to customers around the world.

  14. Is there any contraindication or have any studies been done concerning the use of these sleep pads during pregnancy?

    1. For those who have been using a Sleep Pad for more than 3 months, there is no concern. The reason for this is that many individuals go through a detox period when they start using it, but will have usually finished it in that time. For those hoping or expecting, we would suggest waiting until later before starting to use a Sleep Pad.

  15. I stand roughly 1 meter away at my computer from the side of my bed. Is this a concern? How bad is the positive field? I’m thinking about the 10 gauss Magnetico.

    1. We recommend not staying more than 1 hour a day within that return positive field that exists roughly 4 feet around the sides of the bed. At 1 meter that’s pretty good and probably not much to worry about unless you work at home at this computer desk.

  16. Hi , i have purchase a Core Sleep Single. In UPS worldwide STANDARD shipment are all taxes included?
    Thank you very much

    1. Shipments outside of the US are subject to the duties/brokerages that apply to the country being shipped to. Any shipments within the US (except Nevada where we are located) do not have taxes.

  17. What is the height of the Super Sleep magnetico? 2″, 3″, 4″?

    1. As per the description on the product page, it is 2.75″ inches thick.

  18. hi – received my pad in the UK. just getting used to it at the moment. Can you use the pad during the day? Would it be correct to say the longer you stay on it, the more the effect? thanks

    1. You may choose to use the pad during the day, but typically Dr. Bonlie has found using it at night daily to be sufficient for most individuals.

  19. I have a ‘core pad’ and a ‘top pad’ manufactured in 2012. Do these two, together, make up your ‘super sleep system’? Is the 2012 model different from today’s model?

    1. Yes, your purchase in 2012 is the same as what you could get today. When you order the Super Sleep System, we simply send you a Core Pad and a Booster Pad (top pad), so that is indeed what you have.

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