Become a Magnetico Sleep Pad Distributor!

Would you like to help others improve their health?

Do you have family and friends that could benefit from using a Magnetico Sleep Pad? If your sleep pad has improved your life, why not share your experience with others.

  • Read our straightforward Independent Distributor Plan, which is shown below.
  • Contact us by phone or email if you wish to proceed or if you have questions. We can help you with our years of experience. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

Contact Magnetico by phone at 1-800-265-1119 in the USA and Canada, or by email at [email protected].

How to Become a Magnetico Independent Distributor

  1. Call or email to inform us that you would like to become an independent distributor. Magnetico will send you an Independent Distributor Agreement, which you sign and return. Upon receipt of the completed form and the $75.00 sign up fee, your account will be activated.
  2. Your distributor information package will then be mailed to you, It will include Magnetico brochures, a DVD or video lecture by Dr. Bonlie, a binder of sleep pad data, as well as order information and invoices.

Of course we recommend that you sleep on your own Magnetico Sleep Pad! This product experience is essential as the first question you will be asked is, “how do you like your Magnetico Sleep Pad?”

There are no additional sign-up fees, no monthly minimum purchases required, and no inventory to maintain. You simply place a phone, fax, or email order. Additionally, we can create a coupon code that when used will credit you for any sales placed on our website or directly by phone/email.  All orders are drop shipped to the customer directly. Sales are tallied at the end of the month, and commissions paid in the following month. A minimum initial purchase or sales level of $5,000 is required for you to become eligible for wholesale purchasing or commissions. Every year you will be mailed an Independent Distributor Renewal Form. Just fill it out, sign it and return to us promptly, and you will retain an active status, even if you have not made sales in the previous year. There is no annual fee for renewals.

To become a distributor now, contact Magnetico by phone at 1-800-265-1119 in the USA and Canada, or by email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Jimmy

    How far from a cell tower do these not work?

    1. Joan Yarema

      Hello Jimmy,

      I attempted to contact you by email, but it returned to me as an invalid address.

      Perhaps I’m reading your question too literally, but our Sleep Pads work at all distances from cell towers. The magnetic field created by our strong magnets is not created using electricity or electronics, so they can be used anywhere.

      If your question is intended to be more along the lines of “How far away must a person using your Sleep Pad be in order to avoid any exposure to the frequencies created by a cell tower?” I’m afraid I do not have a precise answer for you. While our product does deflect many EMF’s naturally, it was not the intended purpose when designed, and it isn’t the main benefit the Sleep Pad provides.

      Check out our page on the science behind our product to learn more, and if you have further questions please contact me at [email protected].

  2. Colin Bordley

    Hi there,
    I’m am interested in purchasing a Matt but would like to understand how the bed you sleep on will affect the Matt’s effectiveness . For example will a metal spring bed be no good? Is latex ok or will that work like rubber and block the field?

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