The Bi-Polar Theory

The second way that magnetism can affect your body is through the use of alternating fields; in other words, exposing the body to positive (+) and negative (-) fields. Bi-polar fields will elicit an emergency response from the brain. This is because the positive (+) magnetic field is slowing down the electrons and protons, which signals a potential problem. Your body responds to this slowing down as an emergency. It addresses the emergency by sending more electromagnetic energy from the brain and more blood flow to the whole area where the magnetic stimulus is applied. As a result, your body is “tricked” into expending unnecessary energy. This is why the unidirectional negative (-) field you receive from the Magnetico Sleep Pad is the superior source of magnetism…it is a supplement rather than a stimulant.



The Similarity Between Bi-Polar Magnetism & Acupuncture

Dr. Saul Liss, in a paper presented to the ninth International Congress on Stress, in February of 1997, proved that the response of the body to electro-acupuncture and a magnet placed on the acupuncture point were almost identical (Fig. 4). There was an increase in blood levels of serotonin (24%), beta-endorphins (45%), and ACth (15%). He also found a reduction in cortisol of 12%. This change in blood chemistry is evidence of the body’s emergency response to magnetism and acupuncture. In fact, magnetism has been used in conjunction with acupuncture in Chinese Medicine for centuries.

The benefit of the acupuncture technique is that it has a net effect on the treated area. The drawback to this type of treatment is that it is dependent upon the subject’s vitality level. A high vitality results in a good response, but a low vitality results in a poor response. Also, too long or too large a stimulus can deplete overall vitality; this may leave depleted areas more vulnerable to problems or disease.


The obvious choice between the preceding methods of treatment is the unidirectional field. It works naturally with your body to help it function more effectively as well as increasing your body’s energy rather than using it.

The question then arises, “How is it possible to make a pure magnetic field like the Earth’s, which flows completely through your body in one direction?” Through correct engineering, Magnetico, has answered that question. Magnetico has designed the only magnetic sleep pad that will give you a pure unidirectional negative magnetic field that supplements the debilitating reduction in the Earth’s magnetic field.

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  1. SP Kelly

    Does the pad need to be placed according to the earths magnetic flow, ie: N,S, ?
    And you say the pads come in two pieces therefore I understand the Queen size will accommodate two people, is this correct, if not what are the dimensions of a Queen size?

    1. Joan Yarema

      The Sleep Pads will be labeled telling you which side needs to be “up”, that is to say which will side face the ceiling. You are not required to orient the bed/pads such that the head or foot point to the North or South pole. Not all pads come in 2 pieces (some only 1, many up to 4), it depends on which one you order. Simply purchase a pad that is the same size as your bed and all individuals sleeping on that bed will be covered (for example even if children share the bed).

  2. Kate

    Does the magnetico work in exactly the same way for people in the Southern Hemisphere?

    1. Joan Yarema

      Sleep Pads being shipped to the Southern Hemisphere are made-to-order, in order to match the fact that the magnetic field does indeed travel in the opposite direction compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore it does provide the same benefits utilizing the same mechanism of the unipolar magnetic field, and will be labeled correctly for use if the order originally is made to be shipped to the Southern Hemisphere. Basically all of the magnets are reversed!

  3. Linda B

    Since the earth is shifting polarity, where the north pole will eventually become the south pole & the south pole will eventually become the north pole, and I currently live in the northern hemisphere what will happen to my investment in a sleep pad if I live long enough to experience the pole shift?

    Will a new pad have to be purchased? Or, can the pad be just flipped upside down?

    Thank You.

    1. Joan Yarema

      Simply flipping the pad flips the polarity, so it will be a simple fix!

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