Custom Sleep Pads

Magnetico Custom Sleep Pads

Individual, like you. Magnetico can create custom sized mattress pads for almost any customer need. Possibilities include:

– Mattresses with reversed polarity, for use in the Southern Hemisphere.

– Custom sized sleep pads for cribs and children’s beds. Made to order.

– A waterbed model, which is designed for older style waterbed mattresses only. It is 4” thick because it is designed to go on top of the bed and has a quilted cover.

Please contact us regarding your custom sleep pad needs.




6 thoughts on “Custom Sleep Pads

  1. I need a pad badly. I can’t afford your mattress pads. Why can’t you make a pad people like my
    self can afford.

    1. We offer a 6 month payment plan for all of our Sleep Pads at no cost to customers which helps (this option can be selected when paying with Paypal on the website), but unfortunately the majority of our costs come from two factors:
      1. Even the smallest weakest pads have hundreds of magnets, and the cost of those add up.
      2. It is impossible to automate making these pads, they must all me made by hand.
      We can’t make a less expensive version because if we used less magnets the field wouldn’t be strong enough to do anything.

  2. Hello from Sydney Australia,

    Do you guys ship to Australia? And if so, where do I go to find out how much shipping is?

    1. You can get shipping quotes right on our store page! =) All you have to do is select the model, size, and then enter a basic address to receive a shipping quote; no payment info required!

  3. Do you make a cal king size pad? Do you advise a pad size to go to the edge of the mattress?

    1. All of our pads can be made to Cal-King size. Simply view the store page, select the model you’re interested in, and then select the size. We highly recommend that customers purchase a pad that match their bed size.

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