Magnetico Sleep Pads and Detoxification

Detoxification is among the multiple benefits associated with Magnetico Sleep Pads. Through our years of research and experience, we have found that the increased negative magnetic field produced by a Magnetico Sleep Pad assists your body in expelling environmental toxins. You will be amazed at the renewed energy and symptom relief you will experience once your body is free of this environmental “sludge”.

How do Magnetico Sleep Pads detoxify?

Most toxins have a Positive (+) charge. The increased Negative (-) energy from the Magnetico Sleep Pad (which supplements the Earth’s depleted field) passes through all the cells of your body, thereby assisting the release of toxins and waste products.

How do you know its working?

In order for your body to expel most of these toxins, they must be filtered through your lymphatic system, passed through your liver and kidneys, and finally excreted in your urine. Fatigue, brain fog, and sciatic nerve sensitivity often accompany detoxification. The presence of these symptoms will vary due to the health condition and toxicity of each individual. Most detoxification is accomplished in the first two weeks as the toxic load is lightened. It is important to note that a large percentage of people may not notice any significant detoxification symptoms, although some detoxification is occurring.

Who benefits from detoxification?

You may not think you fall into a toxic category, but a 2006 study of four “healthy” Canadian Government leaders who volunteered to be tested, revealed surprising results. When tested for 103 pollutants; 61 were found in the four subjects.

The following toxins were found:

  • 54 carcinogens
  • 37 hormone disruptors
  • 16 respiratory toxins
  • 54 reproductive or developmental toxins
  • 33 neurotoxins

So, who needs to detoxify?

Everyone! If you use the test results for toxins present in the blood of these “healthy” Canadian leaders as an indication, we all need to detoxify!

Helpful Hints in Detoxifying:

  • A specific binding agent is often needed to facilitate this process. DMSA in capsule form is a good general chelator that has been used for 50 years. It has an affinity for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. It does not require a prescription, but there are other types of chelating agents available. Call 1(800) 265-1119 for more information.
  • Maintaining an annual detox program is considered wise as it appears we are under continuous environmental exposure; heavy metal toxicity is not vanquished with a single round.
  • Try to consume a minimum of 8 glasses of water and non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages per day. This will assist your body in flushing out toxins and easing the load on your liver and kidneys.
  • Avoid eating seafood during this time as it can increase you toxicity levels.
  • Take a good vitamin and mineral supplement to replace any natural ones that may be lost.
  • Taking a good quality garlic supplement as well as Vitamin C assists detoxification.

The above information relates to the enhanced detoxification results induced by the increased pure Negative (-) field supplied by the Magnetico Sleep Pads; the only “under-the-mattress” magnetic pads on the market.

Study Validates Increased Detoxification

A clinical pilot study of thirteen subjects was conducted by an independent private physician. The study supports the increased detoxification capability associated with the Magnetico Sleep Pad, Super Model (20 gauss). This involved three urine challenge tests, all analyzed by an independent lab.

  1. Baseline levels, taken three days before any treatment.
  2. After one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad.
  3. After the second night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad plus taking one 500 mg DMSA capsule.


Excretion levels of toxic metals after one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad compared to Baseline Levels:

Excretion levels of toxic metals after a second night on a Magnetico Sleep Pad and 500 mg of DMSA taken at bedtime, compared to Baseline Levels:


Think about it, what a simple way to assist in good health…. It’s as easy as going to bed! Sleep is all about restoring, repairing, rebuilding, healing and in children-growing. A Magnetico Sleep Pad is a life-time product. Those magnets just keep going and going, helping you on your way to health every single night! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Magnetico, we have been learning and helping people since 1991.

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  1. k

    It would be nice if these magnetico pads were sold in Europe too. Shipping would be too expensive from the US.

    1. Joan Yarema


      While we do sell and ship our Sleep Pads anywhere in the world that UPS delivers, we do understand your sentiment. The Sleep Pads are quite heavy and shipping isn’t cheap these days. Take heart knowing it’s not an intentional choice; some day, if we grow big enough as a company (we’re a smaller family business after all) we could very well benefit from creating some sort of logistical cost reduction for our overseas customers.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Kelly Graziano

    How does this differ from PEMF therapy which also uses magnetic frequencies? I have just rented a PEMF mat and am curious about your product?

    1. Joan Yarema

      I would suggest reading the Bi-Polar Theory and the Comparison Diagram pages to get a more in depth background on the important differences.

      But if I were to briefly sum it up, the Earth’s natural magnetic field that we are exposed to all day, every day, is only negative (-). Because of this, even though it is weak, our bodies cell’s have been magnetically aligned to this field. When you expose your body to alternating fields or just a positive (+) field, your body goes into an emergency response mode which drains your vitality.

  3. Connie Loutzenhiser

    I’ve looked online for a good DSMA supplement that I can purchase online without a prescription but I haven’t found one. Are there any suggestions as to where to purchase some without a prescription?

  4. P Frank

    Can this be used by people with methylation and detox pathway issues? If I release all this stuff into my body I want to know it is going out and not just landing somewhere else in my body. Who know where it will land and what problems it could create???

    1. Joan Yarema

      Dr. Bonlie typically recommends taking DMSA to act as a binder for this reason.

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