The Science Behind Magnetico’s Success

Magnetism and Your Body

Magnetism can affect your body in two ways, the first of which is the Earth-type (or unidirectional) field response. But to properly understand how magnetism helps us, let’s start at the very beginning – the atoms that make up your body. Atoms are composed of even smaller particles, the largest of which are neutrons, protons, and electrons (Fig. 1).



How Magnetism Effects Atoms

If a magnetic field in which an atom exists is increased, the velocity of the electrons and protons will increase or decrease, depending on the direction of the magnetic field and the orbits of the particles (Fig. 2). 12 The outermost unpaired (valence) electrons are the ones that are shared to make up molecules. These molecules then join to make up the cells that constitute your body.

When a magnetic field passes through atoms in the correct direction, it increases their velocity and energy state, which, in turn, enhances the sharing of electrons (Fig. 3). 12 The increase of precession, or wobble activity, in some electrons (depending on the relationship of their orbits to the magnetic field direction) also contributes to this effect. All this increased action is a catalyst for chemical reactions in the body. This may remind you fondly or otherwise of high school chemistry experiments, where you heat a solution of two elements to form a new compound. In this sharing of electrons, heat is the catalyst, or energy, that makes the elements share their electrons.

Which Direction, North or South?

The critical aspect of this activity is the direction of the magnetic field. How does one know if North or South is the right direction? Most cell division occurs during your first two hours of sleep, as this is when the brain produces most of its human growth hormone. The valence electrons (the critical ones) of the atoms of these new cells will orient their direction of orbit depending on the direction of magnetic field in which they divide. This will be whatever the Earth’s naturally occurring polarity is where you live. In the Northern hemisphere, the surface of the Earth is negative (-); in the southern hemisphere, it is positive (+). In either location, the Earth’s field will pass right through your body in one direction.

Because the Earth’s magnetic field is depleted, your body does not achieve the magnetic resonance necessary to restore and rejuvenate your organs and tissues. A supplemental unidirectional field (like the Earth’s) is needed to give extra zing to your electrons at the right time and in the right direction. The reduction of the Earth’s field is the most likely explanation for why the human body responds so well to magnetism, we are in a deficiency state!

Magnetico’s patented Sleep Pad is the best way to provide your body with the magnetic environment it needs to restore and rejuvenate itself. Magnetic resonance is essential to health, growth, and longevity.

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  1. Hi,what type of magnets do you use and how strong are they?

    1. We use 2″ x 1″ x 1/2″ ceramic magnets. We provide the strength of the field you receive during use: 5g, 10g, and 20g for the Classic, Core, then Super Sleep respectively when using an 8 inch mattress. But if you were simply curious about the magnets, they measure at 1100g at the surface, and 3850g at the core.

  2. love your product! Im curious though… why are Magnetico magnetic fields good/healthy and magnetic fields from electrical fields/power lines unhealthy?

    1. Great question! This has to do with the type of magnetic field you are being exposed to. Our product utilizes the Earth’s natural magnetic field which is a uni-polar magnetic field. Almost every single electrical device exposes you to a bi-polar magnetic field, either because it uses alternating current electricity (which switches the poles constantly) AND it’s too small to be able to create an area that covers a person evenly.

      You can read more on our page regarding the bi-polar theory by clicking here.

  3. What if the mattress is thicker than 8″? Also, we don’t use a boxspring but rather wooden slats that the pad rests on. There is a lip coming up the bed sides that borders the sleep pad. Will this change the magnetic field and its effect?

    1. As long as the mattress is at least 4″ thick a Sleep Pad will function. However the thicker the mattress is the weaker the magnetic field becomes. Typically we recommend getting the Super Sleep System if your mattress is 14″ or more to ensure you are getting a strong enough field. Slats are fine, wood does not interfere or effect the magnetic field (almost no materials do).

  4. If the North attracts the negative side of a magnet and vice versa then why is it considered to have negative polarity? Shouldn’t it be opposite and attract the positive if it is negative? If the different hemisphers have different directional pulls does it effect where the magnets should be placed to keep in the same direction as the earths magentic pull?

    1. Understanding the physics of magnetism is tricky and occasionally counter intuitive, so I apologize if this comment doesn’t clear up your question. A magnetic field “flows” out of the positive side of magnets and into the negative side of magnets constantly. Because we place all our magnets with the negative side up, this means the field flows out the bottom of the pad, curves around all the sides going above the pad, and back down on top of it. This matches the earth’s magnetic field in the northern hemisphere which is “flowing” down on everyone from outer space after leaving the North Pole of the Earth (which IS actually positive). This is why we avoid using North and South when describing magnets because it can be confusing. And yes, if you live in the southern hemisphere the Sleep Pad will need to be the opposite (we make them to order based on the shipping address, but if you move you will need to flip your pad).

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