References to the early use of magnetism in the healing arts are found in most civilizations of the world: The earliest record of magnetism is found in a Chinese book entitled “Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” (circa 2000 BC) where it is referred to in conjunction with the practice of acupuncture. 2 Cleopatra is claimed to have worn a lodestone on her forehead to prevent ageing. 2

The famous Persian physician Ali Abbas describes using magnetism to relieve spasms and gout around 1000 AD. 3 Galen, a noted Greek physician, author and educator, referred to magnetism as an excellent purgative. 3

William Gilbert (1544 -1603) was the private physician to Queen Elizabeth I, Galvani, and Mesmer. He made significant scientific discoveries relating to the use of magnetic and electrical energy in medicine.

The Beginning of Modern Research

Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa is considered the founder of modern magnetic research and the value of magnetism in enhancing health. He published a study in 1956, which claimed that the Earth’s natural magnetic field had declined by at least 50%. He then went on to study the effects of magnetism on health. He coined the term Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome; this is where a lack of magnetic field causes aches and pains. During his studies, he noted that his patients received relief for about 3 weeks, but after this time period the beneficial effects of the magnets lessened. What Dr. Nakagawa did not account for was the different effects the positive and negative poles have on the body. This explains why his study participants experienced only temporary relief. 1

The Earth’s Magnetic Field

Over the last 165 years, scientists have measured the Earth’s magnetic field and have recorded a decline of its’ strength. Today the magnetic field of the Earth is measured at 0.5 gauss. It is estimated that the field of the Earth 4,000 years ago was 5.0 gauss. That is a decrease of 90%.

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  1. I currently use an earthing pad on top of mattress. Will this be a problem with the Magnetico below the mattress or will I have to use one or the other? My mind is telling me that being directly grounded will not allow the valence electrons to shift to higher orbits. However, people have walked directly on the earth for centuries. Thank you, Brandon

    1. Hi Brandon,
      You must choose to use either the earthing pad or our Sleep Pad. Earthing Pads can interfere with the function of the Sleep Pad.

  2. I’m thinking of buying a Japan life sleep pad but, I know nothing about it! I was reading about your’s and it said it goes under the mattress will it be harmful to sleep on it under the sheets? What are the benefits ? I’m purchasing it used for only. $100.00 which I feel is a real deal. I have RSD in my feet and deal with a lot of pain. I’m willing to try anything once! Can you give me any information about this product before I invest in it?
    Thank you,
    Karen Jones

    1. Our Patented Magnetico Sleep Pad is the only product which provides an enhanced Earth Magnetic field. Other devices expose the user to a bi-polar magnetic field which can cause an emergency response in the body. You can find out more on our website by clicking here!

  3. Joan, How do electrons from earth interfere with the function of the magnets? The earth has a magnetic field and electrons together. Please help me understand your statement?

    1. The earthing pads/grounding mats can interfere with the magnetic field that is important for the proper use of the Magnetico Sleep Pad. Dr. Bonlie has found that these products focus and intensify EMF’s directly into them, which have an impact on the body and exposes you to positive (+) and negative (-) magnetic fields at the same time. Our product is designed to only provide a negative (-) magnetic field, and using one of these products which our Magnetico Sleep Pad effectively undoes that benefit.
      Check out our section on the Bi-Polar Theory, along with our other pages to learn more.

  4. You didn’t answer the question:. Is it okay to place the magnetico pad directly under the sheet instead of putting it under the big heavy mattress? (I have a King size bed,). Thanks,


  5. My wife and I currently have a King size bed. We are going to upgrade to a California King.
    If my wife doesn’t want the magnets on her side, can I order a queen size and have it just on my side?

    1. You must cover the whole bed otherwise your wife would be exposed to the positive (+) return field which would have an impact on her sleep.

  6. Hi, i want to perchace my own super sleep système and i’m wondering if there will be any misscomfort for me and my girlfreind because its 20 gauss and not like 5 gauss most likely its ganna modify our sleep the first few days but how?

    1. We almost always recommend all adults use at least the Core Sleep Pad, and for anyone dealing with serious issues to try the Super Sleep System. You cannot get too much magnetic field, we have customers who are bedridden and effectively use the Sleep Pad 24 hours a day.

  7. I have questions about using the sleep pad in combination with a thick 240 mm pocket spring mattress. Does this work properly because this mattresses have steel inside and a specific own magnetism. Does the sleep direction interfere or is the effect of the pad so strong that this natural North South axis of the earth field has no measure?
    The last question is regarding the use of emf protecting baldachin with a grounding Matt under the bed. Does this work?

    1. Any mattress can be used, even ones with coil metal springs. They may be mildly magnetized from the factory, but the strength of the Sleep Pad will greatly overpower this effect and be better for you.

      EMF protection is unnecssary as the Sleep Pad helps your body naturally ignore the problem with EMF’s in the first place. You should not place any emf protection material on the bed or you (a canopy that is free floating is fine, if one is still desired), but grounding devices can expose you to a bipolar magnetic field and interfere with the Sleep Pad so these should not be used at all.

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