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Toll Free: 1.800.265.1119 (North America Only)
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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. can the pad be used on an adjustable bed?

    1. Yes, they work just fine with an adjustable bed.

  2. If I get a smaller pad for my bed (currently on a double) and I buy a queen mattress, would the smaller pad still be okay if extremities hang off the edges and so forth?

    1. When two people are sleeping in the same bed you must purchase a pad that fits the bed. We offer “strips” that you can purchase that you can place beside your current pads to do this when upgrading bed sizes.

      When one person is using the bed, we still recommend getting the same size pad as the bed, but if the customer can’t afford it, we don’t suggest getting a Sleep Pad that is more than 1 size smaller (ex. double pad under a queen, queen pad under a king).

      Exposing yourself to the return positive (+) magnetic field that exists around the edges of the pad for extended periods can cause discomfort, restlessness, poor sleep, sore muscles, and can interfere with the benefits of sleeping on the pad in the first place. This means it should be avoided when possible by making sure the entire bed is covered, as we’ve designed the pads to cover the entire sleeping area when used with the correct size of mattress.

  3. I have Craftmatic Adjustable California King Split. That means it is like two extra long twins put together. Your twin is small for the split twin. How do you compensate for the size difference? Place yours as centered as possible. Buy your California King and cut it in half.

    How do I make it work?

    1. You’ll be happy to know that pad sizes Double, Queen, King, and Cal-King are all manufactured as separate pieces split down the middle (from top to bottom). So the pieces will be able to move independently, without the need to order odd sizes or custom pads.

  4. can the magnetico be used in conjunction with a grounding sheet over the top mattress?

    1. Using a grounding sheet may interfere with the proper function of the Sleep Pad, and we suggest you do not use them together.

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