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Our Super Sleep System provides a magnetic field that measures 20 gauss at the surface of an 8” mattress. The Super Sleep pad is 2.75” thick.

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WARNINGPersons with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker, pain pump, defibrillator or insulin pump cannot use the Magnetico Sleep Pad, as the magnetic field could interfere with the function of the device.

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The Super Sleep System, our strongest model, is comprised of two layers: the Core Pad and the Booster Pad.

Our Super Sleep System provides a magnetic field that measures 20 gauss at the surface of an 8” mattress. The Super Sleep pad is 2.75” thick.

Our Sleep Pad is specifically engineered to deliver a pure negative (-) magnetic field when you are a minimum of 4″ away from the pad. This magnetic field, produced by permanent magnets, is a safe and natural energy source. Magnetico uses high-grade, ceramic alloy, permanent magnets, with a gauss rating of 3 950 gauss at the core. The dimensions of each magnet are 3/8 x7/8 x1 7/8. Hundreds of magnets are then laminated between two layers of foam in such a way that the pad acts as one large magnet. The Magnetico sleep pad has significantly more magnets and larger magnets than any other brand of magnetic pad and its sophisticated patented design ensures that you receive the benefits of a negative magnetic field while protecting you from unhealthy exposure to the related positive field.

All sleep pads are designed to be placed between your box spring and mattress (or some other spacer of at least 4 inches). This ensures that you are protected from the harmful positive return field. Our sleep pads can also be used with futons, air mattresses, and adjustable beds.

SINGLE: It comes in two pieces, weighing 92 pounds.

DOUBLE: It comes in four pieces, each weighing 68 pounds.

QUEEN: It comes in four pieces, each weighing 80 pounds.

KING: It comes in four pieces, each weighing 99 pounds.

CAL KING: It comes four pieces, each weighing 97 pounds.

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California King, Double, King, Queen, Single

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  1. Melissa Kozar (verified owner)

    My husband has suffered from insomnia, for a multitude of reasons for many years, one of them being severe restless leg syndrome (RLS). It is so extreme that many times it violently and repeatedly jolts his entire body as if he’s having epileptic seizures. It is so painful to witness him suffering when he is exhausted and so sleepy. As you may imagine, it has really taken a toll on his health and quality of life. As a desperate and concerned wife, I researched countless ways to mitigate it without much of any luck in results. I found a new doctor, and she suggested this sleep pad for his RLS. We have a king bed, so the full system was a very hefty investment that we were reluctant to make. But we decided to try it, especially with their six month satisfaction guarantee. Thanks to all the articles and information provided on this website, we had it in our minds to give it a few months before developing our opinion on the product. However, the very first night he slept on it, he had absolutely no restless legs and had the most restful sleep he had in a very long time. Naturally, we thought this was coincidental. But the next night and the night after lead to several weeks and months later with the same consistent miraculous results. We were literally floored with the immediate and unbelievable results. Full disclosure, he still suffers tremendously from restless legs, however, it is not when he is in that bed. They can and still are severe, but within minutes to maybe a half hour, they simply cease once he is in bed. At about nine months later, I can say that I’ve only felt him a little restless throughout the night a handful of times, but it was not severe and usually this is only around a full moon, oddly enough.
    Now we’re going to order a custom made one for our living room sofa to give him relief there as well. If only there were some travel version of this, we would surely buy that as well.
    One more thing, possibly worth mentioning, we’ve tried grounding sheets and earthing pads that are, well, a small fraction of the investment compared to this product. I’m not saying they’re useless, but they were 100% useless for the restless legs. I truly hope this product will help others suffering from this debilitating syndrome. Plus, it is added peace of mind knowing it does counteract to some degree all the day-to-day EMF damage done to our bodies. Excellent product!

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